6 Tips for Getting Fit Post Lockdown

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6 Tips for Getting Fit Post Lockdown

Gyms across England re-open tomorrow, which is great news for many who are looking to shed lockdown pounds or to simply get back into an exercise routine. As the government announces it is attempting to tackle the growing obesity epidemic by restricting junk food advertising, getting active again is vital for national health and mental wellbeing. However, the post-Corona gym will look rather different than it did before, with numerous measures to ensure safety and enforce social distancing. Gymgoers will have to book their space, and gyms will be operating on reduced opening hours so deep cleaning can be conducted. Other measures may be in place such as tape to demarcate distancing and Perspex screens. In some gyms showers will be closed and customers may be required to turn up in their kit as changing rooms will not be available. Temperature checks may also be conducted before entry.

Facemasks however will not be needed, and suggestions that high load lifts and exercises that cause ‘heavy breathing’ will be banned seem to be little more than speculation. The impact of the Coronavirus on the gym industry is yet to be seen, as many have adapted to home workouts and purchased their own equipment.  Some may also continue to have concerns regarding safety despite the array of measures put in place, or simply may not want the hassle of adhering to additional safety measures. For those that do want to get back into the swing of things however, we present 6 tips to boost your post Corona work out motivation from our resident fitness expert Amelia!

Start slow and build up!

As many of you will have been out of practice for a while, don’t go straight back your old exercises and ensure you do ample warmups before jumping back in! Incrementally ease back into your old routines to avoid injuries.

Have a clear goal that you want to achieve and why

When the WHY is strong enough the how to get it done becomes easy. Write out 10 reasons why you want to look, feel, be different than how you currently are and why it is important to you. Having a clear reason why you need to get up 30 minutes earlier to train each morning will help you not hit that snooze button and roll over.

Fuel your body correctly

Everyone thinks it’s about killing themselves in the gym to get results, it’s actually 80% of what you eat and 20% about the exercise when changing the way you look and feel. 1 hour on the treadmill will never overpower 23 hours of eating the wrong foods.  Check your eating a high protein, low carb diet each day within a calorie deficit for the best results.

Plan your week of training in advanced

Knowing what session, you are doing, on what day and where will cut out a lot of the excuses out. Not all sessions are going to be fun or your favourite, that is usually because it’s something you aren’t good at it or it’s your weakest body part. The only way to get it stronger is to work it, so never skip those sessions!

Find a training buddy

Having someone else to support and motivate will help you through those days you don’t want to train or don’t feel like it. People don’t want to let their friends down more than they care about letting themselves down. Find someone with similar goals and focus as you and you’ll be a force to be reckoned with 6 months from now.

Don’t quit

You cannot fail if you don’t quit. You only fail when you quit and give up. A true healthy lifestyle change means you will eat something not on plan at some point, the important part is that you don’t let a bad meal turn into a bad day, turn into a bad week, turn into a bad month.

With these motivational tips, you should be seeing results in the gym again in no time! Make sure to check your local gym is open however, as not all gyms will be opening on Saturday. And if you are a gym owner, or run any other type of business that is reopening this weekend, please take a look at our range of card terminals and e-commerce solutions to help you maximize the number of payments you can take safely in this period where contactless is the preferred method!