7 Hidden Tourist Gems Across the UK

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The UK has had the King’s Coronation and recently hosted Eurovision in Liverpool. What is left to attract tourists this year? If our beautiful beaches, cosmopolitan cities, and rich history aren’t enough to lure tourists, these hidden tourist gems may be! Lesser known than the London Eye and Buckingham Palace, which see thousands of visitors yearly. These hidden tourist gems will allow you to visit towns that don’t attract as many visitors. They will allow more traffic to local businesses.

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We’ve compiled a list of hidden tourist gems across the UK for you to visit if you want to go on a staycation this year:


Kyoto Gardens, Holland Park – London

Kyoto Gardens

Kyoto Gardens, London


Near the ruins of Holland House in Holland Park, in west London, the Kyoto Garden is a beautiful symbol of history- a gift from Kyoto to commemorate the friendship between Great Britain and Japan. Visit and find a serene Garden. Waterfalls, Japanese maple trees, and a pond full of koi carp await. Free to enter and open daily, it is the perfect place to visit if you are in the country’s Capital and want to venture outside the Square Mile.



Chee Dale, Buxton – Derbyshire

Chee Dale

Chee Dale Stepping Stones, Derbyshire



For travellers that want to be immersed in nature and the beautiful landscapes the UK has to offer, then this might be the hidden tourist gem for you! A walk that requires patience and attention. The 4-mile walk will take you down to the Chee Dale Stepping Stones. These stepping stones run alongside the limestone walls and the River Wye. You should plan your trip to the Chee Dale Stepping Stones on a day when the weather is dry; otherwise, you’ll be met with a lot of mud and some slippery stones!



Tyneham Village – Dorset


Tyneham, Dorset


Suppose you are looking for a place steeped in history and are a fan of the eerie and uncanny, then visit Dorset’s lost village. Evacuated in December 1943 during World War II, the village has remained abandoned. Now owned by the Ministry of Defence, visitors are allowed to peer through this window to history at weekends and during public holidays. There are still original buildings, as well as restored Church and School buildings. Tyneham Village is free to visit, and picnic benches are there for you to bring your lunch. Just take your rubbish home with you!


Shell Grotto, Cliftonville – Margate

Shell Grotto

Shell Grotto, Margate



Two thousand square feet of mosaic, 70 feet of tunnels, and 4.6 million shells. This is what awaits you when you visit the famous shell grotto. Discovered in 1835, the grotto was a complete shock to the residents of Margate. With no insight into why the grotto was built and by whom, people are attracted to the mystery. One fact about the grotto that is known is that the décor is going to amaze. Admission won’t break the bank, with adult tickets priced at £4.50.


Grey Mare’s Tail Nature Reserve – Moffat

Grey Mares

Grey Mare’s Tail Nature Reserve, Dumfries & Galloway


Are you planning a trip up north? Then Scotland’s Grey Mare’s Tail is a must-see on your journey. The famous waterfall stuns spectators with its 60m plunge into the valley below. For the wildlife enthusiasts among us, we’re sure this is already on your bucket list. Keep your eyes peeled for the potential spotting of ospreys, peregrine falcons, and ring ouzels. Only pay £3 for the parking for a fantastic day out immersed in all the Scottish landscape has to offer.



Wistman’s Wood, Two Bridges – Devon

Wistman's Wood

Wistman’s Wood, Devon


Another hidden tourist gem that won’t break the bank. Wistman’s Wood is free to all and open all year round. One thing you will need, however, is a good pair of walking footwear! The woodland is a green slightly odd-looking, oasis. A walk that will allow you to look at the twists and turns of the trees. Ensure you follow the paths rather than entering the woodland to preserve it so it can remain a gem for others to visit.



The Minack Theatre, Porthcurno – Cornwall

Minack Theatre

Minack Theatre, Cornwall


Fan of the theatre? This is a must-visit for all thespians. The open-air theatre is situated on the cliffs with a sea view. A working theatre doubled as a tourist attraction. Book ahead to avoid disappointment, with adult tickets costing £9. Walk around the Theatre or time your visit around one of the productions put on.





Staycations will be a huge part of tourism this summer. To save money and discover more about the UK, many people will choose to holiday within the country. Tourists want to be immersed in local communities and to have authentic experiences and social experiences. If you are a hotel near a hidden tourist gem, advertise the local businesses in your community for guests to visit. Business Money recently published findings from a survey conducted by RSM, giving insight into predicted staycation trends in 2023. Of the 1,000 UK consumers surveyed, they found that 36% are planning on taking a short break of 1-4 days within the UK over the next year. This, combined with inbound tourism, will provide small businesses with financial relief in a time of restricted UK spending.