8 Benefits of tapeeno for Small Businesses

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tapeeno is an app that has been designed to be a great addition to your business by utilising your smartphone to take card payments. We’ve accumulated some of the ways tapeeno would benefit your business.

The app you can tap with tapeeno.


  1. Inclusivity is at its core

Whether you are a start-up business, an established small business, seasonal business or short term hire, this is the app for you! tapeeno has no requirements regarding business size or model, if you’re taking under £2,500 in card payments per month you can utilise tapeeno in your business. The list of businesses tapeeno can help includes but is not limited to: food vendors, dog walkers, childcare, beautician services, gardeners, and more!


  1. Revolutionary technology

At the heart of the tapeeno service is SoftPOS technology which enables a smartphone to emulate the secure software contained in a traditional card machine. To summarise, you are keeping your customers card details safe when using the app! Simply by downloading the tapeeno app from the Google Play Store you are utilising your smartphones ability to take card payments quickly and with ease.


  1. Never turn down a card payment

tapeeno can process all Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards. In a society that is slowly becoming more and more cashless, being able to take card payments is imperative. Meaning no more quick dashes to the local cash points, it allows customers to pay for your services there and then.


  1. Make your money mobile

A fundamental benefit of using tapeeno is you take the ability to process card payments with you wherever, whenever. By utilising our smartphones, something we all carry around with us, we can take our business on the go. Our phones are already our calculators, torches, and calendars. Why not be our card machine too?


  1. Easy application

We don’t believe in making life difficult with pages of hard to read application steps. We have made a easy, quick, and hassle-free approval process and aim to have most customers live within 24 hours.  Apply online and  Download tapeeno from the Google Play Store, log in, and start accepting contactless payments on your smartphone once approved.


  1. Everyday can be payday

With tapeeno, everyday can be payday! Once approved the card payments you accept will be transferred to your chosen bank account within one hour! Get that payday feeling everyday. If you have any last minute expenses or need to re-fill your stock, tapeeno means you can access your money quickly.


  1. We won’t trap you in a contract

At tapeeno there are no set-up fees, no monthly charges and no binding contract. This means if your business is seasonal, you won’t be paying throughout the year for a card terminal you only use for 3-6 months.


  1. Card machine features

Being able to use tapeeno in the same way you would use a card machine was vital when designing our app. We ensure tapeeno works alongside your payment needs, that’s why we designed tapeeno with the ability to send e-receipts to the card holder by email or SMS. This benefit is two-fold, the customer gets their receipt and you don’t have the business costs of buying card machine till rolls. Equally, if you have a printer, you can connect tapeeno to a printer via Bluetooth. The app also has a Transactions Tab which allows you to refund or void a transaction.


Download tapeeno from the Google Play Store today!

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