A freshers guide to tapeeno

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This week is freshers week for many university students across the country. Many students will be cramming most of their belonging into their parent’s car later to find out they’ve overpacked when they see the size of their halls. For freshers, who are both heading to university and living alone for the first time, it can be stressful figuring out the essentials to bring. Pack tapeeno this freshers week! Don’t worry about it taking up room in the car; it can be downloaded onto something you already own, your smartphone. With tapeeno you can split bills easily, start your side-hustles to make money, and more.

Split bills easily using tapeeno

Living with friends in halls or student housing is a lot of fun. You always have people around to go for a drink with or split a takeaway. Splitting bills and takeaways can be awkward when no one wants to offer up their card to pay. We all know bank transfers from friends for their half may not happen straight away. tapeeno is a quick way to split the cost of a takeaway and have the money in your account before the food arrives. You could also use tapeeno for energy, water, and Wi-Fi bills to ensure everyone’s portion of the bill is in the account before it’s taken out.

Sell old textbooks at freshers fairs with ease

If you are a returning student, you will have realised when you started to pack that you have loads of textbooks from last year that you don’t need anymore. Why not give these books a new owner and earn some money simultaneously? Sell your old textbooks using tapeeno. There’s no need for people to clog up their online banking with countless payees with tapeeno. Just type the amount into the app, tap the card on the back of the phone, and get paid. Save space in your room and earn money this freshers week using tapeeno.


Take payments at the door using tapeeno

At freshers week and throughout university, your course may hold events to fundraise for your course or a particular project. If you are holding an event at the Student Union Bar or on campus, you will need a way of charging people for entry. People may be unable to attend the event if they need to pay with cash. Cash is rare in our technologically advanced society, and tapeeno can allow you to take card payments. Forget queues at the door if you use tapeeno. It is easy and quick to use and works in the same way as a card machine. The app can refund and void transactions and send e-receipts to customers. If you have a smartphone, why not the utilise technology you own for your events?


Pay for your pesto pasta by selling prints

After the expense that is freshers week, you may find you need to earn a little extra money each week for food or nights out. Setting up a side hustle is the perfect way to have a steady income. Use tapeeno to sell prints, posters, and t-shirts. tapeeno acts as a card machine, but without commitment. If you want to sell prints at Christmas, you are not locked into paying for tapeeno throughout the year. Having no binding contracts and no terminal fees means working your side hustle around when the right time is for you.


Start using tapeeno in 2 steps: apply online and download the tapeeno app from the Google Play Store today.