Business Ideas to Get You a Cash Advance as the Weather Warms

By February 14th, 2024 No Comments

As the weather warms and the days become longer, many want to be outside more. The sunshine gives us the energy we’ve been missing during our hibernation over the winter period. There is more to get out and do. More holidays to pay for. Many people will be trying to think of ways to earn extra money. As the weekends get warmer and the evenings stay lighter for longer, it opens up the opportunity to do part-time side hustles outside of our working schedule. You could even use the warmer seasons to take your start-up businesses full-time. Accepting card payments is a vital step in starting any business. Download tapeeno when you are starting your business and be able to take card payments using your smartphone anywhere, anytime. It is the perfect card payment solution for business that are starting up or on the go.

If you are looking to start a business this spring, take a look at a few of our suggestions on how you can get a cash advance in your finances:


Turn Having Green Fingers into a Business:

This is a business idea for those who can keep houseplants alive throughout winter. Flowers will begin to bloom, and gardens will need tending. Earn money by setting up a gardening business. By starting a gardening business, you can work outside and get a pre-holiday tan while earning spending money to take with you. A bonus to creating a gardening business is that often customers will have the tools you need already. Whether it is lawn care or landscaping, this could be a lucrative business to start this spring for a cash advance on your summer plans.


Seasonal Picks Could Earn You a Cash Advance:

A different business idea for the green-fingered among us is floristry. Whether that be starting up a flower arranging class to teach others your skills or using seasonal flowers to create and sell beautiful bouquets. Flowers make the perfect gift for upcoming holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Easter. Using seasonal flowers in the business is sustainable and makes the ideal decoration for any household. For these mobile businesses, consider taking your card payments using tapeeno. The app allows your smartphone to be transformed into a card machine to take card payments using technology you already own.


Take Your Baked Treats to Food Markets:

If you grow your fruit and veg, bake delicious treats, or make your own jams and chutneys, then take your products to local food markets. Selling personalised items for upcoming summer celebrations could be the perfect way to earn an additional stream. By advertising your products on social media and bringing them to food markets, you can quickly get the word spreading about your delicious business. Sweet treats could be the perfect addition to family barbeques this summer, and going to food markets will get your brand out there. This business module has longevity and can evolve as the seasons change by incorporating seasonal flavours and having the theme around winter celebrations. Speak to local councils or organisations about the cost and process of having a stall at local food markets.


Help Your Own Holiday by Helping Others on Holiday:

Many jet-setting Brits will be heading off on their holidays in the next few months. Unfortunately, for many households, that will means leaving behind crucial members of the family, our pets. If you love looking after furry – or scaly – friends, pet sitting could be the perfect short-term way to earn extra money. You could construct the business to work around whatever your current schedule is. Whether you are strictly a dog walking business or offer house sitting, this can be a lucrative side hustle that also keeps the parents of pets happy. A bonus of this business for animal lovers out there is extra time spent with adorable four-legged friends.


Whatever business you start this spring and summertime, ensure you can take card payments. Download tapeeno today to get your business off the ground running.