Card Payment Solutions and Business Tools to Bring into 2023

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Make 2023 a monumental year for your businesses using these card payment solutions and business tools. Refuse to accept less than excellence when it comes to your card payments and processing this year:


Transform Your Phone into a Contactless Card Reader using tapeeno

Year after year, new technology is created and released to benefit society. At UTP, we wanted to create something that would enable freedom to businesses and allow them to trade outside their physical bricks-and-mortar store. If you’re going to take your business to events and pop-up locations, or if you are looking to start your business and need a way to introduce card payments, then tapeeno is the app for you this year.

tapeeno transforms android phones into a card machine. This means that once you’ve downloaded the app, you have to type the transaction amount into the app, and hold the payment card on the back of the phone for a few seconds. Then you’ll have the money in your chosen account within the hour. Working on a pay-as-you-use basis, tapeeno means you can avoid being trapped into a long contract if your business only runs for a few months of the year. Additionally, tapeeno allows flexibility for businesses. With tapeeno, you can take card payments anywhere, anytime, as long as your phone has signal or is connected to WiFi. This technology is revolutionary as it gives starting businesses a chance to take payments in a stress-free and reliable way while building and growing their venture.


Waiting for Your Payments is So Last Year

With every new year, people make resolutions to be more efficient than ever before. Streamline processes and save your time. Faster Processing was created for businesses to get their money faster because why wait? The current industry standard means businesses don’t get their funds for 3 to 4 days, and we found this wait unnecessary. Why should businesses wait for their own money when they need to replenish stock and pay employees?

Faster Processing allows businesses to access their money in hours rather than days. Additionally, businesses can select the funding process that works best for them. Intra-Day Funding means each card transaction is processed and funded individually. This would benefit businesses that take at most ten card transactions daily. End-of-Day Batch Funding means all your card transactions from the day are aggregated and funded in one batch at the end of your trading day. Perfect for businesses that want one deposit made in their account rather than multiple in one day. Finally, Faster Processing offers Hourly Batch Funding collating card transactions and depositing them hourly. Suppose your business needs immediate cash flow for quick replenishment of stock. Hourly Batch Funding means you will have constant access to your funds. Demand the best for your business and money in 2023 by saving time and incorporating Faster Processing into trading days.


Make Enhanced Fraud Prevention a Priority with UTP Shield

2022 saw an increase in fraud and scams, with £1.3 billion stolen from victims using authorised push payment fraud. Fraud takes many sinister forms and can be as subtle as a text message. That is why businesses must have enhanced fraud protection. Businesses will be facing inflated costs of materials and energy prices amidst a climate of consumers being forced to spend rather than save. Therefore, businesses must protect their transactions. In the war against fraudulent transactions and chargebacks, arm yourself with the UTP Shield.

UTP Shield is free software provided to all our customers to protect against potential fraud and chargebacks. Business owners are alerted of these transactions via email and text, allowing them to place the product on hold for high-risk buyers and, in turn, protect their money. UTP was created to understand your business. By monitoring trading hours, accepted payment methods, and customers’ locations, the software can accurately flag high-risk transactions 24 hours a day. Meaning you can sleep soundly knowing UTP is protecting your money.


Give Your Customers the Online Option to Cater Towards All Audiences

With the world going increasingly digital, the same has happened with businesses. The use of eCommerce payment systems in business has increased year after year. Research conducted by Sage found that 8 in 10 SME’s require digital tools to start, survive and expand their business. By selling products and taking payments for your business online, you are catering to consumers who solely shop online. Not only this, but it also opens the customer base internationally. Using UTP’s eCommerce Payment Gateway, products can be purchased from anywhere in the world. In turn, this dramatically increases the reach of your business and products. A further benefit of UTP’s eCommerce Payment Gateway is your business will be open to customers 24/7, making your trading hours limitless.