Holiday Resorts Going Cashless Making Your Stay Hassle-free

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If you went on holiday domestically this summer, you might have noticed the increase in cashless resorts. Popular family resort, Center Parcs, has made card payments the sole method in all its locations. This woodland resort is not the only one transitioning into a card-only company. Parkdean Resort has also gone cashless. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, there are still large companies around the country, such as Alton Towers and Thorpe Park, who ask customers to pay using contactless cards rather than cash. Cashless resorts may be here to stay in a post-Covid society due to ease of paying by debit and credit cards. During Covid, it was a necessity for public safety. Not handling notes and coins lowered the potential risk of transmitting and contracting the virus. For companies, streamlining payment methods makes the payments process smooth and easy for the customer while reducing time at the till making long queues move quicker.


What do resorts going cashless mean for you and your holiday?


A significant benefit of holiday resorts going cashless is that it is one less thing you must worry about and plan for. The leadup to going on holiday is one full of stress, planning, and organising. Packing and re-packing all the clothes you’re bringing just in case – this work doubles or triples depending on whether you are packing for children too! You arrange dog and cat sitters, stock up on pet food, and sort out a spare key. A last-minute blitz of the house is essential; no one wants to come home to a messy house with clothes from packing in piles on the bed. Check and double check you’ve unplugged irons, straighteners, and TVs. The last thing you need is an additional task of journeying to the nearest cash point and guessing how much cash you will need to take with you. Resorts going cashless eliminates this extra chore. All you need is your card.


Forget finding £1 coins for lockers. Cashless resorts take this burden away. Technology can bridge the gap of needing cash. Instead of bringing a £1 coin for a locker, you can be given an electric fob that will lock and unlock your locker without needing money. Wristbands, apps, and card machines are taking the hassle out of paying and making their stay more frictionless than ever.


Going cashless protects you and your money


On holiday you may have brought several high-value items with you. You may bring Phones, iPads, and laptops for various reasons such as entertainment and necessity. Additionally, you have your wallet, with the cards you always carry, now brimming with the cash you brought for your holiday. The reality is that the more you bring with you, the more you stand to lose or have stolen. Not what we want to be thinking of when we holiday, but it is a reality. Going cashless provides greater security to you and your money. Bringing your card as your payment method protects your funds and adds another layer of security to your money. You can contact your bank over fraudulent transactions and activity if your card is stolen and get your money back.


How to take your business cashless


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