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Introducing the UTP Pro

By 10 March 2021 December 1st, 2023 No Comments
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At UTP we have always striven to be at the forefront of innovation when it comes both to our services, and our products. In 2020 we were nominated at the Card and Payment Awards for our pioneering Faster Processing service, which enables merchants to receive their funds not only within hours, but in a format that suits them. Building on this success, we set out to offer a card payment solution fit for the smart age. After careful consideration, we are proud to present the UTP Pro.

When most people think of card machines, they simply want a device that accepts both chip and pin and contactless payments which is reliable. Yet several trends have increased the expectations and demands of card payments. With the rise of alternative payment methods (APMs) such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet which can be easily used from a phone, the way customers want to pay is changing. As the use of cash declines year on year, we may be heading into a future in which paying for goods and services with physical money is as archaic as using shillings and half pennies.

This increase in the demand for more ways to pay has also been joined by the realisation that paying by card is not only more convenient, but safer. As the Coronavirus continues to claim lives around the world, contactless payments minimise the risk of transmitting the disease, and many restaurants and shops have adapted to QR code scanning as a quick way for customers to pay their bills. Though we hope that the Coronavirus will become far less of an issue in the future, it is likely that QR code scanning will continue as standard business practice for many establishments.

Beyond these purely practical considerations we wanted a card machine that was more than a simple medium of exchange. What if your card machine could order your next restock of till roll? What if it could keep track of your income, or with an integrated electronic point of sale (ePoS) system, it could manage your stock? With the UTP Pro, it can. We wanted to go above and beyond and move to make the lives of our merchants easier. This was our guiding ethos behind the UTP Pro.

The days of slow, cumbersome, ugly, and monochrome terminals are over.  With the UTP Pro’s sleek design, 5” full HD capacitive screen, huge range of Android apps, and integrated ePoS system the next evolution of card payments is here. The UTP Pro accepts a wide variety of payment methods including mobile and wallet payments, and with its dual camera set-up QR code scanning is easy, allowing your business to quickly adapt to a Covid-secure payment environment.

The high capacity, long-life and rechargeable battery means you’ll never lose sales because your card machine is dead, and with multiple connection options such as WiFi and 4G you’ll never have to decline a sale because you lost connection either. The UTP Pro was also the first card terminal to be designed with the needs of visually impaired users in mind, with a specific accessibility mode that will allow those with visibility issues to pay with ease.

With our integrated ePoS solution, running your business just got a lot easier. You can manage your stock, create discounts, and set the permissions levels for users straight from the terminal itself. Our smart terminal also generates dynamic reports of sales, allowing you to see your daily transactions, or to search for transactions in the past.

This is only the start of what the terminal can do, with access to a constantly updated app store pre-loaded by default. New smart apps are being added to the store all the time, with functions from automatically ordering till roll to providing support for specific payment methods. The UTP Pro is a forward looking, future-proof device which empowers merchants to customise their preferences and to tailor the payment experience to the customer, including adding product images and more. And all this happens fast – with the UTP Pro’s Cortex A7 Processor, making small talk while you wait for transactions to clear is a thing of the past.

Financial Technology is a constantly developing and rapid field, and we are confident the adaptability of the UTP Pro will keep it as a market leader for years to come. Our smart technology is not the only reason to choose UTP however. With years of experience and a dedicated UK based support team, we combine smart technology with readily accessible support. To find out more and to order your UTP Pro device, click here.