Credit Card Machine Paper Rolls-


Heat sensitive paper, our full range of credit/debit card terminal rolls are produced from high quality approved paper. This insures that you receive a clear quality image every time.

57mm x 38mm x 12.7mm thermal rolls 20 per box.

Compatible with the following card machine types;

Countertop – Ingenico iCT200, Countertop – Ingenico iCT220, Countertop – Ingenico iCT250, Countertop – Spire Txxx Range, Countertop – VeriFone VX520, Mobile – Ingenico iWL200, Mobile – Ingenico iWL221, Mobile – Ingenico iWL251, Mobile – Ingenico Move3500, Mobile – Ingenico Move5000, Mobile – VeriFone VX670, Portable – Ingenico iWL200, Portable – Ingenico iWL220, Portable – Ingenico iWL222, Portable – Ingenico iWL252, Portable – Ingenico iWL258, Portable – Ingenico Move5000, Portable Spire Mxxx Range.