Should I Stay or Should I Go: 8 Staycation Destinations for Summer 2022

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After the pandemic and the recent events that have ensued, we all have had the same feeling: I need a holiday! A few years ago, we would hear about our friends and families’ trips to Italy, Spain, and France. Times have changed and with it the holiday landscape has morphed. A pairing of inflation and cancelled flights has meant people are booking their trips a little closer to home this year. Staycation destinations are maintaining the popularity they gained as a response to Covid travel restrictions.


To Stay or Not to Stay


Holidays have always been stressful, whether you are travelling internationally or domestically, it is still a substantial financial decision which is always accompanied by stress. There is worry on whether you have picked the right destination, hotel, and flights.  Concern around flights has increased in recent weeks as 30,000 flights were cancelled by British Airways and 10,000 cancelled by EasyJet as well as further cancellations from competitors. Additionally, increased travelling anxiety has come from airport queues hitting new lengths. Meaning if you are lucky enough to not have your flight cancelled you fear missing it or facing long delays due to long wait times. On the other hand, travelling domestically means filling your car up with extortionately priced petrol. The battle then is between airport chaos and domestic fuel costs.


It can be argued that planning a UK break would be easier, we know the landscape, the language, and the customs. Perhaps our beaches do not compare with the sand and clear seas abroad, but our little island is bursting with quaint villages and historic cities. There is the bonus that staycations offer hope to the hospitality and tourism sector. A sector that has faced turbulence with the recent lockdowns and the cost-of-living crisis meaning people cannot afford to spend as excess money in pubs and restaurants.


Is Staycation the New Vacation?


We have scoured the lists of recommended staycation destinations and have compiled our own. A list full of the hits for where you should consider visiting this summer. In the words of competition shows, they are in no particular order:


  1. The Lake District

View from Helvellyn Mountain, the Lake District, UK

The Lake District is England’s largest National Park and now a World Heritage Site. Home to beautiful mountains and lakes, if you are looking to be surrounded by nature, then Cumbria’s Lake District is the destination for you. Get out on the lakes, take your bike down the cycle routes, and explore the scenery by going on hikes. You might even take a dip in one of the 16 lakes if you can brave the icy waters! The views the Lake District have to offer simply go unmatched. Taking a trip to unwind and be surrounded by nature with a beauty of this magnitude sounds perfect to us.

  1. Edinburgh

Edinburgh city in winter from Calton hill, Scotland, UK

One of the shining jewels in Scotland’s crown, a historical city with its medieval Old Town and Georgian New Town. The cobbled streets, Edinburgh Castle, and Arthur’s Seat mean you are in for a visit packed with preserved history and elegant buildings. Other notable highlights of Edinburgh worth mentioning is their Royal Botanical Garden and the National Gallery of Scotland. If you enjoy visiting educational landmarks and fully submerging yourself in the history of a destination, then you will revel in everything Edinburgh has to offer.


  1. Rye

England. Mermaid Street, Rye, East Sussex, England. Buildings dating back to the 15th Century.

When thinking of a quaint British town, you probably think of a town like Rye in East Sussex. A town filled with boutique shops, charming pubs, and picturesque lanes. At the centre of the town lies Mermaid Street, a cobbled lane famous for its beauty and medieval architecture. Nearby you will find Camber Sands, the closest beach to Rye and the only sand dune system in East Sussex. If pebbles and shingles are not your idea of an ideal beach landscape, you will find bliss visiting Camber Sands. A staycation to Rye promising a mixture of a traditional British town paired with a beach nearby, which on a sunny day will make you forget you are in the UK.


  1. London

View of the Tower Bridge in London England

The capital is a must-see city for many people. If you are someone who loves a long weekend city break, look no further. Visiting London for your staycation will scratch that itch. A long weekend in London is all that you need to tick visiting the famous tourist attractions off your bucket-list. Take a walking tour and visit Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, and the newly renovated Big Ben. We know visiting cities can be expensive, London boasts of a plethora of places that you can visit for free. Visit the Tate Modern, the British Museum, and stroll through Borough Markets. Although the last one will entice you into spending money on the delicious foods your nose will convince you into buying. Strolling along the Thames is enough to show you why London is so popular. A cosmopolitan city where you have everything you would want just a tube stop away.


  1. The Cotswolds

View of Castle Combe, a village and civil parish within the Cotswolds Area of Natural Beauty in Wiltshire, England

Another destination famous for its beauty is the Cotswolds. A rural area of southern England, the Cotswolds area covers almost 800 square miles of idyllic scenery, towns, and miles of beautiful countryside walks. It is no surprise this staycation destination has ranked highly on travellers’ bucket lists. The Cotswolds includes some of the best parts of the counties of Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Warwickshire, and Worcestershire. A way to get the most out of visiting the Cotswolds is by taking a trip on their extensive trail network and immerse yourself in the scenery. If you are looking to disconnect but also be close enough to the busy cities of London, Bath, and Bristol then the Cotswolds is your answer this summer.


  1. Devon

The Fishing Port of Clovelly in Devon

Devon is a county situated in southwest England and is the home to sandy beaches, fossil cliffs, medieval towns, and moorland national parks. The county homes the historic cities of Plymouth and Exeter where you can get both your culture fix and enjoy the active nightlife. If you have your staycation here, you can visit the Jurassic Cost in the East of the county and explore the National Parks Dartmoor and Exmoor in the North. Devon has a lot to offer culturally, hosting festivals, live music, and food. If you are a thrill seeker take part in one of the many outdoor activities offered such as watersports and climbing. Devon is home to award winning beaches, a haven for the surfers out there. If you visit this county, you may find you never need to go abroad for your holiday fix ever again.


  1. Yorkshire

York evening cityscape view from the street with York Minster in the background.

Yorkshire is a historic staycation destination in northern England, known for its Roman and Viking heritage. This destination is steeped in history and is known for being the home of the Brontë’s. If you have read any of the Brontë sisters’ novels you will know they heavily feature descriptive and breath-taking scenery, by visiting Yorkshire you will understand why. While holidaying up north, make sure you take time to explore the beautiful countryside of the Peak District where you will be immersed in wildlife. Make sure to bring your walking boots if you are visiting Yorkshire! If you are looking for a staycation with educational value, visit the Royal Armouries and the Coal Mining Museum before you leave.


  1. Brighton

View of Brighton Pier in Brighton, UK

A seaside city famous for weekend breaks as it has something for everyone. If you are heading to Brighton for the pebble beach, take a dip in the sea followed by fish and chips on Brighton Pier. A staple activity for a beach day. Stroll along the promenade and look at the remains of the West Pier, the most photographed structure in the city. Brighton is a city with an exciting nightlife and a plethora of restaurants. If you are looking for an artsy scene, head into The Lanes which are home to boutique shops selling vintage clothes, records, antiques, and more. If you want to go a little further out from the city centre, go for a walk along the Seven Sisters Cliffs and finish off with a delicious pub lunch. There is truly something for everyone in this staycation destination.



When thinking of staycation destinations, we are spoilt for choice. The UK has many towns and cities that you can visit and have as good of a time as if you were holidaying abroad. If you have never travelled domestically for a holiday, maybe this year is a good year to try it out! Avoid airport chaos, support local business, help re-build and protect the tourism sector.


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