The Right Card Machine for Your Restaurant

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Here at UTP, we work with thousands of businesses within the hospitality sector. We provide card machines to restaurants, pubs, cafes, bars, bistros, and more! As a result, we have mastered knowing what your business needs. We pride ourselves in advising on the perfect card machine for your business and not charging extortionate fees for using the device. It is even more important to support small and local businesses this year as consumer spending tightens. This is not just a task placed on customers. It is also up to other businesses to be fair with their pricing and excellent when providing products and services.

Whether you are a fast-food truck serving delicious burgers, a family ran restaurant feeding communities with recipes passed down through generations, or a local business opening a second location; you need to find the right card machine for your business.

Take Your Card Machine to Tables with the UTP Pro

It’s 2023, and technology must no longer look complicated and dated. With all the time and love put into each business decision, from the colour of the walls in your restaurant to the menu font, to how each dish is presented, having a sleek and modern-looking card machine carries this high aesthetic standard into the payment side of your business. With the UTP Pro, you can bring a high standard of appearance into your card machine. People probably never consider what a card machine looks like until they see one which is sleek and elegant.

You need to be able to depend on the card machine in your restaurant to run smoothly during rush lunch hours and busy dinner periods. It is vital that can serve your customers with efficiency and deliver excellent customer service. Saving time giving customers the bill and taking payment will be a priority. The UTP Pro, through the multiple connection options of GPRS, 4G and WiFi, can be taken to any place in your business. If you have an outside seating area or multiple floors within your restaurant, you can accept payments at the table rather than your customers paying till. Restaurant experiences are all about feeling taken care of. For many of us who are looking to escape cooking dinner at home for the night, having the whole dining experience from your table without having to get up will feel like a slice of luxury.

Is the UTP Pro the Right Card Machine for My Restaurant?

Do you want your card machine to process all standard transaction types, such as sales, cashback, refunds, and gratuities, then yes.

If you want to be able to accept all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express, then still, yes.

If you want your card machine to process contactless payments and Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay, you guessed it, still yes!

Choosing the suitable card machine for your restaurant ensures all your business needs are met. At UTP, we are confident that our UTP Pro machines are perfect for the job. They are a fan favourite amongst our customers and have been met with positive feedback from the restaurants and hospitality businesses that we work with.

Say You Like the Pro But Are Thinking, Why UTP?

At UTP, our mission is to put our merchants first. We provide in creating and supplying payment products and solutions to help businesses. What else can you expect from UTP and the UTP Pro?


In response to chargebacks and fraudulent transactions, we created the UTP Shield because why should your money be at risk when taking card payments? The UTP Shield provides protection and defence against these transactions. No business should be at risk, so we created this free service for all our customers.

Get your Money Faster, Because Why Wait?

Our award-winning Faster Processing was created to eradicate the industry standard of waiting to have your transactions deposited into your business account. Our competitors can offer you next-day settlements. For us, however, that wasn’t fast enough. With Faster Processing, you can be paid hourly if that works for your business! That’s not all. You can select whether you want your funds hourly, end-of-day, or processed individually. Create your own payment experience with Faster Processing and determine the right funding for your restaurant.

A Company that Cares

We know there is nothing more frustrating than experiencing technical difficulties and trying to call the provider only to be met with an automated system or hours on hold. Our dedicated help desk team of specialists are there for you. Our helpdesk is open Monday to Sunday, meaning if you have an issue, we are there. If something happens to your machine, we know you cannot just pause your business. We provide next-day terminal replacements and parts to keep your business running smoothly.