‘Tis the Season: Business Ideas To Earn You Extra Money This Winter

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With the evenings becoming longer and the mornings chillier, it means one thing, Christmas is coming. A time of year that is full of fun, friends, and family. Christmas shopping has begun for many families across the country when prices have increased. Many people will be thinking of working extra hours or trying to add a stream of income to be able to afford Christmas presents and festive activities. One way of earning extra money this winter is to start a low-investment seasonal business. Being able to take payments will be essential, and at UTP, we have a variety of card machines for businesses. A card payment solution tailored to every business is a driving force behind our work at UTP. If you want to keep your business seasonal, take card payments using tapeeno. An app you can download onto your smartphone and transform your phone into a contactless card reader.


If you’re struggling for inspiration for businesses to set up this festive season, here are a few suggestions that you can start without having to put in a significant initial investment:


Baking Festive Treats:

A business you can start sooner if you love spending time baking at home, then sell personalised bakes. Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve parties will be happening over the next few months. Advertise your festive treats as a unique addition to food menus this party season. Decorate your biscuits with pumpkins and ghosts for Halloween for the perfect party favour. This business can be changed for any season; swap the spooky style for snowflakes and reindeers for Christmas. This business can adapt as the seasons change and earn you extra money into the New Year.


Revamp Your Candle Business Using Festive Scents:

Candle making was a trend in the various Covid lockdowns. With many people stuck at home, bored, and looking to make extra cash, candle making grew in popularity. Beautiful hand-crafted candles took the internet by storm. If you took part in this lockdown trend, consider incorporating the festive season into your business. Adding scents like cinnamon, pine, and gingerbread to your candles creates the perfect gift. You can even change the designs with the holidays, colouring your candles orange for Halloween and green and red for Christmas making dinner table must-haves this winter.


Advertise Babysitting Services:

With staff dos and Christmas parties coming up, many parents will be stuck for a babysitter during this busy social time. Advertise your babysitting and childcare services to parents who are inundated with party invitations and can’t keep asking their relatives. For those who already babysit for friends and family, bring tapeeno with you! Having tapeeno downloaded onto your smartphone allows you to take card payments for those times when people have forgotten to nip to the cash point.


Turn Your Hobbies and Passions into a Business:

Suppose you love spending time creating, whether illustrating, DIYing, or knitting. In that case, the festive season is a perfect opportunity to make some money doing something you enjoy. Design greeting cards that customers can personalise and order for Christmas. Sell festive wreaths to create the ideal autumnal home décor. Change your designs for autumn, Halloween, and Christmas to ensure your business makes money in the lead-up to Christmas. For those who enjoy knitting or crocheting, consider selling your work for the perfect gifts this cold winter. Gift baskets are also a way of making money. Accumulate must-haves this winter, hot chocolate sachets, mini-Baileys, and a Christmas mug, and sell these packages as a stocking filler or a gift for Secret Santa.


Be the Hero to Hosts and Create a Cleaning Service:

Everyone knows the worst part of hosting a party is the clean-up the following day with a headache from the night before. Some people, however, find cleaning satisfying and love to see the before and after. If you fall into the latter category, consider setting up a cleaning service. If the smell of alcohol and left-over mince pies is something you can deal with, then this will be the business for you! A further service you could incorporate into your business is rubbish removal if you have a vehicle. At Christmas time, the duration between rubbish days seems longer, and bins begin to overflow with recycling. Take away this burden for a fee and earn money by simply going on a trip to the recycling point.


Take a Chore Away this Christmas with a Gift-Wrapping Service:

Similarly to cleaning, wrapping presents seems to be the Marmite of festive chores; you either love it or hate it. Those that love every ribbon and bow that goes into wrapping presents, earn money by taking this burden away from others. Advertise your service to family and friends and extend this to others if you quickly get through piles of presents. Little steps like these add to the personalisation of gifts at Christmas. They will transform your house into looking like Santa’s workshop.


Start a Pet Sitting Service for those Travelling:

A reality for many pet owners is that they must travel during the festive season and cannot bring their pets with them. If you have your own pets or simply love looking after animals, perhaps starting a pet sitting service is the business for you. Whether your services are to pop in for a few hours a day or house sitting with the pets, this could be a great way of earning extra income.