Top 10 Benefits of being Self-Employed

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In a post-lockdown society, it can be scary to venture out on your own and become self-employed. We’re here to remind you why being your own boss can be beneficial. You will no longer get your holiday request denied as you have the power to submit and accept. Your business and personal autonomy can work hand-in-hand. Being self-employed is a style of working that you can tailor to fit round you and your lifestyle.

Here are the top benefits of being self-employed.


  1. Earn an income doing what you love

In a culture of side hustles and passion projects it is extremely rewarding to earn your income doing something you love. If you are someone that enjoys talking with a plethora of different people, sales is probably the job for you. Being self-employed allows you to insert your interests into your work and create an income.


  1. Creative freedom

Many people have the dream of becoming their own boss, being able to set their own deadlines and design their workday. By being self-employed you have total creative control over all aspects of your business. From the work ethic of the business, to how you market your business and the people you choose to work with. Every single aspect of your business can be created around what suites you.


  1. Increased job satisfaction

In deciding to become self-employed you are enabling yourself to set your own goals and self-motivate yourself to achieve them. Every step of the process you are a part of and see the final product from inception. Being present in every stage of your business and achieving your goals is extremely rewarding. You can see the effort you put into the business reflected in your income and watching your business expand. Your effort is represented by your growing income, happy cliental and increased recommendations as a result of your hard work.


  1. Work-life balance

Work-life balance is a hard beast to tame. Being self-employed gives you the flexibility to create your own working hours to suite you and your life. For example, if you’re a parent you are able to design your working day around the school run. The day-to-day operations of your business is in your hands. It is possible by being self-employed to have your work life fitting seamlessly around your out of work commitments. This in turn awards you with a healthy work-life balance, something we are all trying to achieve.


  1. Keep it fresh

If you find the same daily work routine boring, you can change it up being self-employed. No day has to be the same and you can remove monotony from your work vocabulary. Working with different clients or in different environments inserts freshness into your work day. You can break up your work week by committing a certain day to a particular aspect of your business, for example Finances Friday, dedicate Friday to the admin side of your business and to carry out accounting tasks.


  1. Learn life-long skills

By being self-employed you have to learn how to run your business and with that comes invaluable life skills. You are able to become a jack of all trades and dip your toe into the world of marketing, networking, and accounting. If you are new to running your business, learning the ins and outs of being self-employed is a very exciting opportunity. Learning to manage your time and plan ahead will transfer into being punctual and never miss a dinner plan again.


  1. Financial advantages

When becoming self-employed there are financial aids in place to help you and your business. If you’re just setting up your business you may be eligible for a grant which helps you get the ball rolling. There is also the ability to write off business expenses such as travel costs if you commute to a client, or a percentage of your utility bill if you work from home.


  1. You choose your work community

By being self-employed you work for yourself. However, you don’t have to worry about feeling isolated as you’ll be working with clients and may choose to have employees or colleagues. A bonus of being self-employed is you have the ability to build your own community and have a choice of who you work with. You can match your work ethic, values and personality to those around you.


  1. Make money on the go

Being self-employed gives you a multitude of choices, especially with where you choose to conduct your business. Whether that’s at home so you can let the dog out, or working at your local coffee shop because you love their croissants, you have the freedom to make day-dependent choices of where you want to work. You can choose to rent an office space to work in or you may work at home and cut out the commute time. Another bonus of being self-employed is being able to take your work with you. If you’re someone that loves to travel you may be able to take your work on the go.


  1. High potential for earning

Many people hold reservations of being self-employed due to a concern of no guaranteed income. However, this can be an aspect of being self-employed that is extremely attractive. The hard work and effort you put into your business will be reflected in your income and not capped by a salary. You get out of your business what you put into it. Often you can set your own prices or work on a commission basis, this means you have the potential to earn more money when self-employed. Being your own boss can be a big benefit when we see it reflected in your income. Payday’s have never been so sweet.


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