Top UK Tourist Attractions and the Reasons You Need a Card Machine for Your Business

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The UK has many tourist attractions, from theme parks to zoos to historic buildings. Tourism contributed £131.5 bn to the UK’s gross domestic product in 2021, and the sector employs 4.11 million people in the UK. There is no argument that the industry is vital to the UK’s economy, bringing millions of visitors annually. Towns and businesses close to tourist attractions will have visitors passing through year-round, and it is vital that businesses local to these attractions have a way of taking card payments.

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We have looked at lists of recommended UK tourist attractions and have compiled our list. One that is full of attractions and experiences for all the family, there will be something for everyone:


Kew Royal Botanic Gardens – Richmond upon Thames


Kew Royal Botanic Gardens

Kew Royal Botanical Gardens

Situated in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, Kew Gardens is a World Heritage site containing over 50,000 living plants worldwide. Kew’s Temperate House, famous for its architecture, being the world’s largest Victorian glasshouse, is home to plants from Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the Americas, Asia, and the Pacific Islands. A visit to Kew allows you to view a vast and diverse collection of living plants. Plants of shapes, sizes, and colours are just breath-taking! There is so much to do during your visit; enjoy spectacular views from the Great Pagoda, get a bird’s eye view of the Gardens from their Treetop Walkway, and see life inside a beehive with The Hive, an experience worth the buzz!


Tate Galleries – London, Liverpool, and Cornwall

Tate Modern Art Museum

The Tate Modern Art Museum

Tate is a collection of four art galleries across the country. The Tate Modern and Tate Britain reside in the countries Capital of London. While Tate Liverpool and Tate St Ives are situated in Liverpool and Cornwall, respectively. Entry to the Tate Britain and Tate Modern galleries is free. However, there may be a cost to book tickets to their various exhibitions. The art galleries are home to collections of modern and contemporary art, including works by Picasso. They are a must-visit for art enthusiasts and aspiring artists.


The Roman Baths – Bath, Somerset

The Roman Baths

The Roman Baths

Somerset’s Roman Baths is a historic site that attracts over a million visitors annually. Under the city of Bath are the remains of a religious spa over 2,000 years old. They give insight into the ancient world. The experience includes recreated scenes of Roman life and actors dressed in Roman clothes for an enriched experience. Audio guides provide detailed information and education on the Baths and their history. Sunrise tours are available to give visitors the chance to experience the Baths in the peaceful atmosphere of the morning and escape the crowds.


Royal Pavilion – Brighton

Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion is a magnificent building and gardens inside Brighton centre. Just minutes away from the famous Brighton beach and Pier. The Pavilion amazes you with its architecture before you step inside. The seaside Palace was constructed in the 1780s by King George IV and is truly a building fit for a King! When visiting during the winter, the Pavilion is the backdrop to ice-skating rinks and Christmas markets. It is a must-visit whenever you are near the city of Brighton.


Lake District National Park – Cumbria

Lake District

Lake District National Park

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Now a World Heritage Site, the Lake District National Park promises a visit filled with an immersive trek into nature and breath-taking scenery. Walk, cycle, or swim around the countryside that boasts over 3,100 kilometres of tracks. Visit the Lake District Wildlife Park, home to over 100 species of animals, or on a rainy day, visit the Lakes Aquarium. Whatever the weather and whoever you are, the Lake District has something for everyone. Just remember to bring your best walking shoes!


Buckingham Palace – London

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Perhaps no tourist attraction comes to mind more than Buckingham Palace. Home and symbol of the monarch. Although currently closed following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the Palace usually opens its State Rooms for visitors for ten weeks every summer. Additionally, there are select dates where this is available during winter and spring. Tour the Throne Rooms, the Music Room, and the Palace Gardens. Even if you don’t tour the inside, it is well worth visiting the outside of the Palace. Time your trip perfectly; you can view the Changing the Guard ceremony.


Blackpool Tower – Blackpool, Lancashire

Blackpool Tower

Blackpool Tower

A beloved attraction within the UK is the Blackpool Tower a must-see tourist attraction in Blackpool. Take a trip to the top of the Tower and experience the beautiful view of the North West. At 380ft is the SkyWalk, which lets you look at the Irish sea and the Blackpool Promenade. Other attractions you can find are the Blackpool Tower Circus and the Blackpool Tower Ballroom.


Tower of London – London

Tower of London

Tower of London

An iconic landmark within London and a World Heritage Site. Take a tour of the famous castle, secure fortress, and infamous prison. View the Crown Jewels and the collection of 23,578 gemstones at the Tower of London. Additionally, you can meet the Ravens, and learn why they are the guardians of the Tower. For those brave enough, take a stroll around the prison and wander the grounds this Halloween, the spookiest and eeriest time of the year.


Stonehenge – Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire



Wiltshire’s Stonehenge is a tourist attraction to visit and be amazed. You will ask yourself, how did those stones get up there? Gain insight into how the Stonehenge builders lived and worked over 4,000 years ago. Visit the Stonehenge exhibition and the Stone Circle for a day immersed in rich history.


Natural History Museum – London

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is a free attraction to the public, allowing you to travel through 4.6 billion years of history. Brush up on your Dinosaur knowledge while you come face-to-face with Dippy the Dinosaur. Look through 100 photos in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition on the 14th of October. The Museum has been visited by around 30 million people in the last ten years and was the most visited Museum in the UK in 2021. Take a visit when you are in London, and you will see why.


Shakespeare’s Globe – London

Shakespeare’s Globe

Shakespeare’s Globe

Another tourist attraction set in the heart of the country’s Capital. A landmark location for theatre, literature and education is Shakespeare’s Globe. A reconstruction of the Globe Theatre where William Shakespeare wrote and had his plays performed. Take a tour or book tickets to one of the plays, such as Henry VIII or The Tempest. The Globe often showcases one of Shakespeare’s famous plays worth experiencing.


The Eden Project – Cornwall

Eden Project

The Eden Project

Cornwall’s Eden Project is a popular attraction due to its dramatic global garden. All you must do is look at the Eden Project to be amazed. Eden is home to the world’s largest indoor rainforest and beautiful Outdoor Gardens. There are also events and activities held at Eden throughout the year, such as music concerts and exhibits of artwork.