The benefits of using UTP’S card machines for your small business in Belfast


Contactless Payment Machine in Belfast

Contactless payments have become increasingly popular in Northern Ireland. Last year, contactless payments increased by 30% in the UK. This is due to their speed, efficiency, and convenience.

Contactless payments use near-field communication (NFC) technology. This means that the card, smartphone, or smartwatch doesn’t need to touch the card machine. Contactless payments eliminate the need to enter a pin.

Benefits of using card machines for businesses

Paying by card is beneficial for businesses and customers alike. It offers a speedy and convenient payment alternative to cash.


Contactless payments take half the time of traditional chip and PIN payments. This speeds up the transaction process freeing the business to see to more customers.


Contactless payments can provide more flexibility in how customers choose to buy items or services which can boost spontaneous purchases by up to 18%.


Customer Experience

Contactless card machines offer the most flexible payment method. Customers are more likely to return to a business when they can use their preferred payment method.

How to choose the right card machine for your business?

We understand that different businesses have different payment preferences. Our customers can receive their funds in three different ways.

Our Intra-Day Funding processes each card payment individually. Each transaction taken will be funded to the merchant’s bank account one-by-one.

Hour Batch Trading aggregates transactions and funds the merchant on an hourly basis.

End-of-Day Batch Funding allows our customers to receive one payment at the end of their working day. We group together all the transactions made throughout the day and fund them in one payment.

It’s important to pick a card machine that suits the needs of your business. From pop up shops to car garages, UTP has you covered. We offer a variety of card machines to suit all different business types.

Countertop Card Machine

Our countertop card machines stay stationary at a sales desk or fixed location. These machines are ideal for retail, convenience stores or cafes.

Portable Card Machine

Our portable card machines are able to accept card payments around your premises. The device has a range of up to 100 meters from the Bluetooth base unit, making it perfect for small businesses in Belfast.

Mobile Card Machine

Mobile card machines can accept payments on the move. The devices come with a roaming SIM card, which means it will connect to the strongest signal anywhere in the UK.

eCommerce Payment Gateway

Our eCommerce Payment Gateway is ideal for businesses who sell goods and services online. Our card machines come equipped to process all major credit and debit cards.

Best card machines for small businesses

UTP not only provides the best card machines for small businesses in Belfast, we also provide extra services for our customers.

faster processing

Faster Processing is our free service that reduces funding delays. We understand that different businesses have different payment preferences. Faster Processing eliminates the delay that most businesses experience. Other merchant services can take up to four days to process payments. We are currently the only merchant server in the industry to provide this level of service.


We are proud to offer some of the lowest transaction rates in the industry. Our dedicated account managers are here to help ensure your business gets the best prices. We can tailor our rates and fees to your individual business.


Our UK-based helpdesk is open seven days a week to ensure we can help answer all your queries. Our specialist team are experienced in remote terminal diagnostics. We aim to be able to rectify most devices remotely. If a fault cannot be rectified, we will send out a new device within 24 hours.

Other services UTP offer

Other services UTP provides include our Virtual Terminal and eCommerce Payment Gateway. These services are ideal for taking payments over the phone or online.

Virtual Terminal

Our Virtual Terminal is a web-based version of a traditional card machine. This solution is ideal for Northern Irish businesses who need to take orders by phone or post. Businesses can take card details from customers and have the transaction processed with ease. These payments can be a one-off payment or set up to be recurring. This service is accessible from any device connected to the internet, so it doesn’t require extra hardware.

eCommerce Payment Gateway

75% of consumers shop online at least once a month, a number that is only going to increase. An eCommerce Payment Gateway allows customers to buy goods and services online. Our eCommerce Payment Gateway gives your business the ability to be open and serve customers 24/7. Having an eCommerce site enables your business to reach global customers. Your business can seamlessly take payments from the UK and Europe with this service.

Cash Advance

We provide merchant funding for businesses in Northern Ireland looking to expand. To qualify your business must have merchant service facilities for over six months. Your business will also need to average £3500 throughput each month. Your business will be able to borrow up to 100% of your monthly turnover. We are proud that our Cash Advance has no repayment deadlines. This means that your business can pay back as you earn, putting you in the driving seat.

90% of our applicants get approved and funded within 14 working days. If you are looking to expand or refurbish your business, and need a helping hand, our dedicated customer service team are here to help.

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