What is it like being a Lead Generation Specialist at UTP?


Meet Jerri and Joe

Based in our Hastings office, Jerri and Joe are two of our Lead Generation Specialists. Jerri joined UTP just under a year ago after being recommended the role. Jerri heard about career progression at UTP from a current employee, and it inspired her to apply, "they started as a lead generator and are now working as a team leader,” Jerri says.

Joe has been at UTP for eighteen months. At UTP we aim to create a welcoming environment from the moment people walk into the office. "It was a loud environment. It instantly felt like a sales floor, and everyone I met was very welcoming," says Joe.

"Oh, I love my team. I think I'm going to be here for a long time," explains Jerri.



Generating leads

As a Lead Generation Specialist at UTP, your primary duty is to generate leads for regional sales representatives across the UK. You will introduce UTP's services and products to targeted local businesses. The primary focus is on saving them money on their merchant bills.

Day-to-day you will be using the UTP CRM system, identifying potential leads while managing interactions. Making outbound calls to schedule appointments for sales representatives is of course a core responsibility. Engaging with business owners, understanding their needs, and presenting UTP's cost-effective solutions is where our Specialists shine. You will also introduce our free services, including the UTP App, which allows our merchants to view their business insights on the go. We also have the award-winning Faster Processing, which is another free service for our customers to use for both in-store and online payments.

Our Sales team is crucial in expanding UTP's market reach and driving sales. You will be part of a team that ensures a steady flow of qualified prospects.


"They help each other out."

At UTP, there is a strong culture of support and teamwork. The Lead Generation team consistently "push each other to get more sales and more appointments," explains Joe. When someone needs support, others step in to help, creating a collaborative environment. Regular communication is a key part of this support system. With team members sharing insights and lessons learned. This continuous exchange of knowledge ensures everyone is growing and improving together.

Despite having different departments, the office maintains an atmosphere with an open-door policy. This means that anyone can approach colleagues, regardless of their role, to ask questions and seek guidance. This open and inclusive environment fosters a sense of community and makes it easy for employees to get the support they need.



"I'd come to UTP."

We make sure that everyone gets the training required before making their first call. To go from training to being on the phones you get set tests over the first couple of days. Not as scary as it sounds! As well as this, we set up three role plays with the National Telesales Manager – Sharon Horn. This is a way to allow you to feel more comfortable with the format and the script. Making sure you are confident and ready.

If you are someone who wants to put your roots down, grow and be nurtured in your career development, this is the role for you. The training allows you to become something more than when you first start off. "Find what you're good at and let people around you build you up. See where you end up down the line," is Jerri’s advice.



"The satisfaction of bringing sales in makes me strive for more and more every day."

At UTP, our core principles emphasise taking pride in hitting targets, achieving team goals, and supporting each other. We foster a culture where individual and collective successes are celebrated. We are committed to providing growth opportunities for dedicated and loyal employees. Many of our employees that are now in managerial positions have worked their way up. Reflecting our belief in nurturing talent and offering clear career progression paths.

Jerri elaborates, "what you might come in at will not be where you are in the year or two down the line because it's constantly evolving, constantly changing. There are new roles all the time. So, there's new opportunities."

Becoming a Lead Generation Specialist UTP is a rewarding career choice for those passionate about driving business growth and building valuable connections. This position offers a dynamic and ever-evolving work environment where you can hone your skills in sales, and data analysis. By becoming a Lead Generation Specialist, you can contribute to the success of UTP, build meaningful relationships with merchants, and enjoy a fulfilling and successful career.

If you’re comfortable on the phone, enjoy speaking to new people and want to see businesses succeed, you’ll fit in at UTP. As Joe says, "Just do it. What have you got to lose?"