What's it like being an Affiliate at UTP?

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Meet Roger Howes

Based in the Southeast, Roger Howes is one of our invaluable Affiliates. Roger is self-employed and trades under Payments Matter. Roger has worked with card payments, card terminals, virtual terminals, and e-commerce for the past 11 years. Joining UTP just over a year ago, Roger has already aided over 70 different businesses in joining UTP.

Every other Friday, Roger takes the lead at Business over Breakfast in Ashford. The BoB club believes in the proven success of networking, recognising its ability to expand businesses and boost sales in an effective manner. For Roger, he generates a lot of his sales through this club, having now half a dozen UTP customers or more in the room.

Get paid by 6pm

At UTP we’ve been helping businesses succeed for over 10 years. When it comes to accepting card payment, we don’t mess about. We provide SMEs with some of the cheapest transaction rates in the industry, free fraud protection and unbeatable same day settlements. As an Affiliate, you’ll find the business; we’ll sort the rest.

We provide quick and efficient payment to our Affiliates too, “If I approve an invoice before 4 o’clock in the afternoon, then I generally get paid by 6 o’clock.” said Roger. This rapid payment system is a key aspect of our commitment to supporting our Affiliates. When it comes to residual payments, we provide advance notice before the end of the month. This allows our agents to review the status of their merchants. This approach not only fosters strong partnerships but also reflects our dedication to smooth and transparent business operations.

“Some providers don’t offer that”

We have a dedicated support team including Presales, Helpdesk and our Regional Sales Managers who are there to help our Affiliates with any query they may have. “The support from the back-office people is particularly useful to have if I’m stuck and I’ve got a query. The helpdesk is good. They respond at the weekends. They’re there almost 24/7. Some providers don’t offer that.” Roger affirms.

Uncertain about your sales background? We offer our Affiliates online training sessions. Once you’ve completed the training, if there are any areas where you feel uncertain, you can always reach out to the trainer for a one-on-one session. The trainer is available to provide guidance and support. We ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the material and can confidently apply it before hitting the roads.

Inspiring incentives

At UTP, we value and recognise hard work through various incentives for our Affiliates. We offer bonus schemes, uncapped commission pay, and loyalty bonuses. These incentives are designed to motivate and reward exceptional performance. Fostering a dynamic and rewarding work environment, encouraging our Affiliates to excel and contribute to the company’s success.

“It’s good fun. I like short-term challenges where in the course of a month you’ve got a target and if you hit that, then you get extra bonuses. That inspires me and pushes me on to achieve that.” explains Roger.

“Talking to businesses as much as you can”

A lot of our Affiliates, like Roger, pride themselves on the connection they have with their merchants. Stem by Stem are a Florist in Folkstone who have been with UTP since 2023. The business is owned by Tanya Henton. When Roger first spoke to Tanya, he made sure he learnt all about the business and how he could help by either reducing costs or helping Tanya to get paid quicker. Roger says, “it’s about talking to businesses as much as you can, making sure you build up a rapport”. This can help to enhance customer retention, improve customer satisfaction levels, strengthen loyalty, and generate positive customer referrals.

“You’re not selling the product but sell the service and how it can help the customer.” says Roger.

“UTP will support you, so give it a go”

Choosing to become an Affiliate at UTP means unlocking a world of earning potential while enjoying professional independence. Your main task will be to find new business, identifying potential clients, building relationships, and promoting our products. All while earning at your own pace and with the full support of UTP.

“Give it a go. It’s worth doing. You will get support. You will get paid quickly. There is no pressure on you to do ten deals a month or anything like that. UTP will support you, so give it a go.” said Roger.

UTP is committed to supporting you every step of the way,

so why not give it a go?

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