Fraud Prevention

Announcing the UTP Shield

By 3 February 2022 December 1st, 2023 No Comments
UTP Shield

UTP has always prided itself on innovation. Following the success of our award-winning Faster Processing solution, we are launching a free new service to help protect our customers from both potential fraud and chargebacks. Building on feedback from merchants, the UTP Shield is a software algorithm that detects potentially fraudulent card transactions or transactions that carry a high chargeback risk. This then notifies the business owner via text and e-mail, informing them of the risk of potential chargebacks and allowing them to place goods on hold to high-risk buyers.

The UTP shield gets to know your business including creating a profile of usual trading hours, methods of payment accepted, and the location of customers, enabling the software to flag suspicious transactions with a high level of accuracy, while operating 24/7. UTP are currently the only payment provider to offer such a high degree of security to its customers and we pride ourselves on providing our merchants with the highest degree of anti-fraud protection. The service is entirely free, and customers can opt-out of notifications at any time.