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Card payment solutions have made business easier, safer and more efficient. Your customers can now make a variety of payments, from credit and debit card chip and PIN, to tap-to-pay digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

A card reader is an essential part of a modern payment system enabling seamless transactions. These devices link easily with point-of-sale systems, enabling retailers to make fast and secure card payments. They encrypt sensitive card data to ensure customer privacy and prevent fraud. 

A major benefit of card readers is how they simplify the checkout process for your business by reducing wait times and improving client satisfaction. Through their advanced analytics tools, they offer useful insights into customer behaviour and sales trends, allowing you to make better-informed decisions. Using the free UTP app, you can even track all of this on your phone through your account.

As we move towards a cashless society card readers are becoming essential tools for all types of businesses. Don't miss the opportunity they provide in growing your revenue.


Popular payment solutions for your business

Utp Group Utp Max Product


A sleek and powerful mobile card machine with our biggest touchscreen and smart features.

This card payment machine is an ideal solution for small and medium businesses that require long-lasting battery life and fast processing on the move.


Countertop Card Machine

For busy sales desks and counters, this reliable fixed card reader keeps customers moving from the one spot.

Fast and lightweight, you can accept all major cards and contactless payments without any fuss.


Portable Card Machine

Do you manage a café or bar? Our portable card machine connects to the strongest signal available making it ideal for busy hands and roaming customers.

Take contactless payments with fast transactions and keep moving!

Why choose a UTP card machine?

With over 10 years experience we offer a wide variety of card machines that empower business

Our card machines – countertop, portable, mobile and virtual – are secure and highly efficient in processing transactions, while being priced at some of the lowest and most competitive rates in the industry. Rates that fit your turnover.

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