Life as a BDM: A Q&A with Michelle Stevenson

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Following on from our previous interview with Joanne Boyd, we spoke to longstanding Business Development Manager (BDM) Michelle Stevenson about her experience of working for UTP. Last time we explored the onboarding process and initial set up for those curious about becoming a BDM, with Joanne we examine the skills needed to truly excel in the role. Being a BDM can be exceptionally rewarding, but as the role is commission based it requires motivated people with initiative and drive as you will get out of it what you put in.

Q1. How long have you worked with UTP and what first attracted you to the role?  

A: I started representing UTP in August 2018, after working with another industry provider for several years prior.  I really liked that UTP exclusively sold Barclaycard rates and fees with Ingenico terminals as their core business, as that quality combination is very saleable in today’s market.  Plus, UTP has an attractive package of commission, residual payments and tele appointing support.

Q2. What do you consider your biggest achievement as a BDM? 

A: I’ve generated 300 terminal applications in 18 months, and over 220 of the merchants I’ve sold are now live.  I feel that I’ve been able to create great business solutions for these merchants due to the overall assistance, support and backup of the UTP team.

Q3. Why do you like working with UTP?  

A: I’ve been self employed for 25 years, and I truly enjoy the work I do representing UTP.  I love driving in the Sussex & Kent countryside, visiting business owners and sharing the creativity of how they have built their companies.  Offering them a seamless transition for their payment card requirements, with quality rates and service, has been very rewarding.  UTP offer value for money service, and allow me a steady income for my efforts.

Q4. What skills do you think it takes to be a BDM? 

A: To succeed in this industry, I feel that it’s important to understand that you’re creating a business solution for merchants, and that requires an honest approach, fair prices, savings where possible, a seamless transition and good backup support, which UTP provides.  You need to set your targets and be consistently hungry to reach them. The saying that ‘you’re only as good as your last sale’ is so true.  I never start a sale talking about payment card terminals, I always talk about the merchant’s business, their interests, their goals, their focus.  Once you have their ‘trust’ that you have the product knowledge, and that you understand their needs, it sets you apart from, and ahead of, the competition.

Q5. Do you have any tips for those wanting to become a BDM? 

A: The UTP Barclaycard combination is a powerful tool for selling in the payment card industry.  There are few other UK competitors selling Barclaycard, and several other merchant card providers sneak in extra charges, which merchants really do not appreciate.  If you choose to become a UTP Barclaycard BDM, I would recommend that you keep a lot of accounts on the go, as some merchants you can close on the day of your first meeting, while others take weeks, even months to close.  Closing a sale takes perseverance and patience. Find your unique style that works, and use humour and professionalism in equal measure.  At the end of the day, UTP Barclaycard have a great product, and the key is presenting that in a way that conveys confidence for the merchant to entrust a switch with you.

Q6. Where can we find you on social media? 

A: You can’t!  I use old fashioned methods of sales, contacting merchants for an appointment or sitting tele appointing calls.  I follow up appointments, where requested, with written email quotations and then diarise follow up thereafter.  I find that keeps me busy enough, staying organised with my ongoing level of sales.  At 60 years old, perhaps you can’t teach an old dog new IT tricks, but whatever works in sales for each person is what works!

Could being a BDM be for you? 

We are recruiting BDMs across the whole of the UK and Ireland. Reaching your financial goals could be within your grasp. Top performing agents are making in excess of £100,000 per year, while £300 to £1000 a week is attainable. If you think that being a BDM could be for you, regardless of your experience, you should get in touch! For further information about the role, please check our careers page which features the full job specifications.