How the Move5000 helped Sussex Fruits improve deliveries

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Sussex Fruits take their UTP card machine on deliveries, offering great service to the local community. 

Sussex Fruits is a family run business founded by a pair of brothers eight years ago. Between Stewart and Timothy, they have over 75 years of collective experience. Located in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex, Sussex Fruits offers a range of quality fresh produce, whilst doing their part to be sustainable.

“Our produce is better, fresher, not packaged, no plastic. It’s all loose and we put all in brown bags. So, we’re doing our bit for the environment as well.” said Stewart Desborough, one of the owners of Sussex Fruits.

You can read more ways that your business can be more sustainable here.

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Taking payments at the door

Sussex Fruits offers free delivery to their customers who are within a three-mile radius of the shop. They switched to UTP around the time of the pandemic in 2020 after they saw an influx of deliveries. Stewart and his team were able to quickly adapt to the changing circumstances a lot of us faced.. This allowed them to use their free local delivery service to the fullest.

Making deliveries every Friday, Stewart had to ensure he chose a card reader that was also mobile. That is why he went with three of the Move5000, one of our most flexible mobile card machines. The Move5000 works both indoor and outdoor. It does this by using the  strongest mobile phone signal anywhere in the UK. With an extended battery life, the Move5000
makes deliveries for Stewart even easier and more reliable.

“We take our card machines with us and you can pay by card at the door when you receive your produce. So that’s a good service. We’ve never had one problem with the machine remote.” said Stewart.

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Planning ahead

For customers like Stewart, running a small business can come with its challenges. But since being with UTP, one less thing he has to worry about is when the money will be in his account. The team travel twice a week to buy fresh produce, so it is important that Stewart knows when to expect his funds.

Stewart uses our free service Faster Processing which we offer to all our customers. We provide card machines with faster payments, meaning you don’t need to wait days for your funds to be with you. Faster Processing allows you to tailor when is best for you and your business to receive your funds. You can choose to receive the money after each transaction, hourly or at the end of your trading day. UTP is the only merchant service to provide this facility in the UK. Other merchant services delay payments by up to 4 working days. As Stewart says, “with UTP, 8:30am the next morning, the moneys in the account.”

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Customer satisfaction and affordability

Stewart and his team at Sussex Fruits go above and beyond to meet the daily needs of their customers. They always ensure a supply of fresh produce is available, whether you shop online or instore. The commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond availability to the core of affordability.

At Sussex Fruits they pride themselves on their competitive prices. Stewart ensures that his customers can shop without concerns about the price tag. Customers are able to buy made up selection boxes or browse the shop for the produce they desire. There are plenty of affordable options and ways to shop at Sussex Fruits. Stewart has ensured that everyone can access quality produce tailored to their preferences. Fostering a shopping environment that is both inclusive and accommodating.

Since changing to UTP, around 80% of the transactions taken at Sussex Fruits are by debit card. This highlights the efficiency and convenience brought about by this change. Looking ahead, Sussex Fruits is planning to expand their services. Stewart is particularly keen to increase the amount of deliveries they undertake. His commitment is to ensure fresh and high-quality produce reaches far and wide, showcasing his forward-thinking approach and dedication to improving the shopping experience. Something UTP stands behind in our products and services.