How the Move3500 helped Studio One grow their business

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"We're not your average salon."

Located in Hastings, East Sussex, Studio One offers exceptional hairdressing and barbering services. Sharon and her team have over 30 years collective experience. Stacey has been working alongside Sharon for 15 years and says that working at Studio One "is more like a family rather than work." The team have created an inviting atmosphere at Studio One, ensuring that every client feels welcomed and at ease. Trendy cuts to classic styles, Studio One provides exceptional service. As well as having the cutest mascot - Dave the dog.

"People, are not just clients, they're friends. Some of them become family." says Sharon Cornelius, owner of Studio One.

Self-admitted technophobe

Studio One didn't have a card machine before COVID. Sharon is a self-admitted technophobe, like many people may be. But after COVID, she realised that she needed to get a card machine to help the business and bring in new customers. Sharon explained that Studio One would have lost customers if they didn't have a card machine. So she decided to go with the Move3500, one of our most popular mobile card machines.

User-friendly and intuitive the Move3500 was the perfect choice.. Integrating with existing payment methods, it is also ready to accept all major alternative payment methods, such as Apple and Google Pay. All our card machines come pre-configured with details of your merchant account. Helping with the ease of setting up your device. "Best prices, easy to use. If I can do it, anyone can do it." says Sharon.

Knight in shining armour

One of our Business Development Managers (BDMs) went to speak to Sharon before she joined UTP. This was to provide Sharon will all the information she would need before deciding on what card machine was best for her business. Sharon found this very helpful as the BDM explained everything. As well as extending their services by staying in touch with Sharon, answering any questions she may have.

Our BDMs make sure that all our customers are ready to have a smooth transition into using our card machines. At UTP, our BDMs do not have to work alone. They can get support from the National Sales Managers, who are always available to answer any questions our BDMs may have about the role or business-related issues. As well as this we have our Presales team. They are on hand to aid completion of BDM training with anything from introduction to point of sale.

If you would like to join our agents, to help businesses like Sharon's, you can find full details here.

First class support

We have many different teams that can offer support. Our friendly UK-based helpdesk team can answer all your questions over the phone. Our highly trained customer support team are happyto resolve any issues you may experience. At UTP we pride ourselves on our customer service.

We will strive to exceed expectations in relation to the service we provide to our customers. We understand the importance of having a responsive support team ready to address queries and resolve issues promptly. That's why we invest in training and empowering our staff to exceed expectations. Our commitment to exceptional service reflects our dedication to building lasting relationships based on trust and reliability.

As Sharon says, "With anything, problems arise. You can phone up and you'll speak to someone. They talk you through it, it's very helpful. It's good for simplicity. You can get things sorted within seconds."

If you ever have a query, you can contact the support team on or 0330 99 99 900

"It's been a godsend."

Studio One moved premises last year after unforeseen circumstances. A change like this can bring a lot of uncertainty for a small business. Luckily, the Move3500 can work with a roaming SIM card meaning Sharon didn't have to worry about resetting it after the move. "Most people now don't carry cash, so it's been a godsend." explains Sharon.

Since moving, Sharon and her team have found themselves busier than ever before. The move has attracted new clientele, as well as showcasing the loyalty of existing customers. Drawn by the fresh ambiance and enhanced services offered at the new location.

Sharon and her team have seamlessly adapted to the bustling pace, using their passion and skills to meet the needs of their growing clientele. As they continue to renovate the new salon, Sharon and her team remain dedicated to providing exceptional service. They continue to ensure that every client receives the personalised attention and care they deserve. Something UTP is proud to represent and support.