UK Card Acquirers

An acquirer is a bank or financial institution that processes credit or debit cards on behalf of a merchant.  Any organisation which wants to accept credit or debit cards must have a relationship with an acquirer either directly or via a third party such as UTP.  The section below is a list of acquirers which operate in the UK.

UK Card AcquirersSupportWebsiteHead-Office
Barclaycard0800 151, UK
FIS / Worldpay0330 333 Florida, USA
Elavon0345 850 Georgia, USA
Lloyds Cardnet0808 274 London, UK
AIB Merchant Services0345 266 0591 Dublin, Ireland
Global Payments0345 702 Georgia, USA
First Data0345 606 Georgia, USA
EVO0800 Georgia, USA
Valitor0808 204 Iceland

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