Top Tips and Tricks for Keeping Cool this Summer

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Although the recent heatwave is behind us, the summer is not over yet. Working during the summer can often be a warm affair. Working in an office or from home without air conditioning can feel unbearable in the summer months. There are however small things you can do to cope with the heat and keep cool this summer:


  • Keep your blinds closed

You may not be able to do much about the temperature, but what you can do is ensure you don’t have the sun blazing on you when you’re sitting at your desk. This helps with the heat and removes having to look out the window on a sunny day while you’re stuck in meetings and writing emails.


  • Stay hydrated

A glass of ice-cold water is not only refreshing on a hot summer’s day; cool yourself down from the inside out with a nice cold drink. It is essential for you to stay hydrated in this heat. People lose too much fluid in high temperatures through sweating, so try to replenish your hydration levels. The recommended amount of water to drink is 1.5 to 2 litres per day. Swap out your coffee and tea for water as these are diuretics and can cause dehydration.


  • Desk fans are your new best friend

As offices can get quite warm, there are likely to be desk fans available. Turning on your desk fan can help regulate your body temperature. Fans are thought to help in temperatures up to 35C. If the temperature exceeds this, you will blow warm air, increasing the risk of dehydration. An extra top tip, if you have ice cubes in the office freezer, place them in front of the fan to make the air even cooler. If you work from home and don’t have a fan but have a hot water bottle, then fear not. Filling a hot water bottle with cold water can also cool you down in the heat.


  • Don’t take your lunch alfresco

It may be tempting when you’re in a warm office to take your lunch hour outside, but you may not want to in hot weather. 11 am to 3 pm is not only the warmest time of the day usually but also the time where UV rays are strongest. You may normally go for a walk to stretch your legs after being sat down at a desk, but you might want to give yourself the day off when it’s hot. If you do have to go outside on your lunch, try to stick to the shade and ensure you’re wearing sun cream.


  • Work around the dress code

Many offices have a dress code even in the warmer months. Try swapping out your usual office outfits for looser and flowy clothing. Adhere to the companies’ expectations but swap your tighter shirt for one that is a bit looser. Wearing loose, long-sleeved clothing can also help protect yourself against sunburn if you go outside.


  • Get in a round of Ice creams

At UTP, we treated our offices to ice creams and lollies to help our staff cope with the recent heatwave. It doesn’t solve the heat, but it helps our staff feel slightly cooler and boosted staff morale. Plus, who doesn’t love a frozen treat during a workday!


For more information on how to keep yourself safe and cool in a heatwave, check out the NHS website.