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UTP team up with Visit Pembrokeshire

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UTP Merchant Services, a provider of market leading credit and debit card payment solutions, has partnered with Visit Pembrokeshire to provide cost savings and advice for their members while supporting the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Trust.

Following the disruption caused by Covid-19, Destination Management Organisations (DMOs) and tourism organisations across the UK have experienced increased demand for specialised financial advice from member businesses, and many have struggled with both with the upturn in demand and complexity of requests.

Visit Pembrokeshire, the first DMO in Wales, has been among these organisations, having been inundated with appeals for guidance and impartial advice on how to implement online and Covid-safe payments.

The partnership will see UTP support Visit Pembrokeshire’s members’ businesses to alleviate the pressures of updating their payment infrastructures.

For every live deal, UTP will donate to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Trust. The Trust works to protect and conserve the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, promotes outdoor learning, and provides young people with the practical skills needed for access to local employment opportunities.

The partnership was spearheaded by Kevin Betts, Partner Manager at UTP, who said: “During the pandemic, SMEs in all sectors suffered huge disruption and hardship. We initially responded by suspending our fees and working with our merchants to ensure a compassionate and responsible approach to help businesses get back on their feet. However, we felt we could do more.

We knew many DMOs / tourism organisations were struggling to meet their members’ demands for guidance and that we could offer our expertise and services while continuing to give something back. We have put together a special offer for tourist boards and as part of the offer, for every live deal, UTP commits to donating to a local charity so both local businesses and the wider community can benefit.”

UTP terminals provide contactless and mobile payments for businesses looking to become more Covid secure. Their Payment Gateways help businesses that are either restructuring or setting up websites for eCommerce, and their Virtual Terminals support businesses that take numerous payments over the phone. The processing fees of current suppliers are reduced and UTP’s Faster Processing offers same day payments, whether in-store or online.

Michael Ault, CEO at UTP, added: “Our partnership with Visit Pembrokeshire means we can take much pressure off their internal resource, help stimulate the local economy, and with every deal triggering a donation to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Trust, we can play our part in protecting this spectacular and cherished British coastline.”

Photo credit: pembrokeshirecoasttrust.wales

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