Card machines for businesses
in Birmingham 

UTP offers faster and more secure card payments
to business owners in Birmingham

Birmingham is the second largest city in England, populated by over one million people. The construction and technical sectors make up 23% of the city's total economy. At UTP, we offer a range of card machines and payment solutions to suit your construction or technical solutions business. 

Today, paying by card is the most popular payment method. We no longer carry around cash like we did 20 years ago. Instead, most of us rely on our debit and credit cards, whether that's the physical card or on our smart devices. Paying by card offers a hassle-free and time-effective way to pay for goods or services. At UTP, all our card machines accept contactless payments. In fact, our card machines can accept payment in as little as four seconds. 

Card payments carry more security than cash payments. Cash is untraceable, whereas with card payments we have proof of a transaction. For your customers, this will portray your company as more trustworthy and legitimate. 

Accepting credit and debit card payments makes keeping a record of transactions more manageable. The UTP App enables you to check your business sales with just your phone. You can see single, daily, and monthly transaction breakdowns. You can download and print your statements from the app at any stage. 

What is the payment processing time? 

Unlike other merchant service providers, we pay businesses quick. This is thanks to Faster Processing, our free service which sees your business get paid in three different ways. 



Intra-Day Funding is the fastest payment solution we offer. Your business will be paid after each transaction you make.



With Hourly-Batch Funding, your business will get paid hourly. We will group together all the transactions you have taken within the last hour and fund them to your account.




Every card transaction your business takes will be grouped together. At the end of your working day, we will fund the transactions to your bank account in one sum.

Many businesses in the construction and technical service industries face cash flow problems. Cash flow issues can delay projects by 33% and drastically hinder a business' growth. Faster Processing can eliminate this worry for your business. 

Can I accept any other method of payment? 

Utp Group Banner Virtualterminal

At UTP we don't only accept card payments, we also accept payments online.

Our virtual terminal enables you to accept payments when the card is not present. This usually happens through a phone call, or a payment link sent by your business. The customer will then either read their card details to you over the phone or type them into the payment link webpage.

This is commonly used for construction and technological services to pay deposits. Customers prefer this way of paying as it is more time efficient and convenient.  

Why should my business pick UTP? 

At UTP, we take pride in our low rates, which save customers an average of 30%. We understand how important cashflow is to businesses, and always pay our customers on time—thanks to Faster Processing. Our customer service team is open seven days a week to help with any queries you may have.  

Helping businesses succeed with credit and debit card payments is just what we do. To find out more, or to get your free quote, call us on 0330 99 99 300