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Card Machine for Small Business in Edinburgh

Card payments have been increasing year on year, and are now the preferred payment method in the UK. For small businesses in Edinburgh, accepting card payments is beneficial for growth. Card machines provide customers with an effortless and speedy transaction.



One in five people do not take their wallet with them in their day to day lives. Instead, they rely on paying by card. Businesses that take cards have reported that contactless payments half their transaction time. This means that businesses can reduce queue times and serve more customers.


Increased Profits

Customers overspend when paying by card. This is because card payments don’t have the same restrictions as cash. Spontaneous purchases increase by 85% when people pay by card. When people are paying cash, they overestimate their shopping total by 10%. Which for businesses, is not ideal.


Customer Satisfaction

Customers expect to be able to pay with their preferred method. To keep customer satisfaction high, it is important to offer the latest payment methods. This will also improve customer loyalty and businesses legitimacy.


Transaction Reports

Transaction reports provide an easy way to gather information about customers. Businesses can see when they are most busy and what products they sell most. This can be helpful when creating staff timetables.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Card Payment Machine

When selecting a card payment machine, businesses should consider several factors. These include:


Type of business

Different businesses need different devices. For example, restaurants would need a portable device, such as the UTP Pro Lite. This allows for pay-at-table service, as the machine will be able to move in and around the building. For convenient shops, countertop devices are best. These machines are designed for businesses that have one sales point and do not need to move.


Price per transaction

Each merchant service will offer a different transaction price. At UTP, we are proud to offer some of the lowest transaction rates in the UK.



Before businesses decide what device would suit their business. They should also consider usability. This means how well the card machine connects to other devices in the business and ease of use.

Best Card Machine for Small Business in Edinburgh

UTP provides the best card machines for small businesses in Edinburgh.

We also offer our customers free anti-fraud protection and faster payment solutions.


UTP Shield

UTP Shield is our free service for customers. The software detects fraudulent transactions. We also notify the business owner if transaction carries a high chargeback risk. A chargeback is when a fraudster makes an order, with the sole purpose of claiming the item didn't arrive to claim a refund. Businesses only have 20% chance of proving that these orders are false and then have to pay the refund.

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Competitive Rates

At UTP, we are able to tailor our rates and fees to the business' needs. We offer some of the lowest transaction rates in the industry. We base these fees on the business' average transaction and the needs of your business. We are able to provide cheap card machines to our customers and take pride in the fact that our prices won't spike.

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First Class Support

Our help desk is open seven days a week to help with any queries or technical issues. Our dedicated help desk team can run diagnostics on our card machines remotely. We solve the majority of issues in this manner. For the few issues that cannot be solved over the phone, we send a replacement device within 24 hours.

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What types of card machines does UTP offer?

At UTP we provide different types of card machines for small businesses in Edinburgh.

Countertop Card Machine

Our countertop card machines are for businesses that have one point of sale. These card machines remain stationary and are perfect for retail and takeaway shops.

Portable Card Machine

Our portable card machines have a range of 100 meters from the Bluetooth base unit. This device is perfect for businesses that have a pay-at-the-table service, such as restaurants.

Mobile Card Machine

Our mobile card machines are for businesses on the move. The devices come with a roaming SIM card that connects to the best signal anywhere in the UK.

We provide small businesses in the UK with some of the lowest transaction fees. Our team are able to tailor packages to suit the individual needs of your business.


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