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At UTP we supply card machines to a range of small
and medium sized businesses in and around Hastings 

Today, one in five of us do not carry a wallet around with us daily. In fact, nearly half of us have less than £5 in our wallets. This is because we now rely on faster and more convenient methods of payment, rather than cash. For many of us, contactless payments have become our favourite way to pay, and the new norm. 

When paying with contactless, you aren't limited to only one method. You can use your physical card or your digital wallet, such as on your phone or your smartwatch. Because of this, people paying by card often overspend.

Research shows that spontaneous payments increase by 85% when paying by card. A big reason as to why this could be is because people generally underestimate their total when paying by card. So, people spend their money more freely when they aren't limited to paying with cash. 

Contactless Card Machines at UTP

At UTP, all the card machines we pay allow your customers to pay with contactless payments. Our UTP Pro and UTP Pro Lite card machines can accept card payments in just four seconds. These machines are the latest PAX models, a newer model than our competitors. We stock a wide variety of card machines suitable for any business need. 

Portable Card Machines

Countertop Card Machines

Our countertop card machines are perfect for businesses with one sales till. For a business with one stationary sales counter, accepting card payments would significantly reduce customer queues. Decreased queueing time leads to increased customer satisfaction. A win for both your customers and your business. 

Portable Card Machines

Portable Card Machines

One of the most common places you may have used a portable card machine is in a restaurant. When you reduce the hassle and time taken to pay at the till, customers feel like they have received a better service. Portable card machines are not limited to only restaurants. They are often commonly used in car garages, hair salons and technology retailers. 

Portable Card Machines

Mobile Card Machines

Our mobile card machines can be used on the go. In Hastings town centre, there are lots of mobile fast-food trucks. These serve a wide array of cuisines and often move locations. The card machines use a roaming SIM card to connect to the internet. The SIM cards automatically connect to the strongest mobile phone signal to ensure you never miss a sale.  

Best Card Machine for Small Business in Hastings

UTP provides the best card machines for small businesses in Hastings.
We also offer our customers free anti-fraud protection and faster payment solutions.

No matter what type of business you own, we will have a card machine to perfectly suit your needs. If you want to switch card machine providers, or maybe introduce card machines to your business, contact us for a free quote.