Card Machine for Small 
Businesses in London

At UTP we provide small businesses in London
with a variety of card terminals at competitive prices

The introduction of card machines for your small business in London has the ability to increase sales, due to the transaction being quicker, more convenient and a safer way to take payment. Customers are up to 18% more likely to make additional or impulse purchases when paying by card as it eliminates the restrictions that cash can hold.

At UTP we want to ensure our card machines are able to meet all business standards, such as accepting all major credit and debit cards, including American Express. We also pride ourselves on having some of the most competitive prices per transaction and offering some of the most technologically advanced devices in the industry.

Our range of payment solutions, including UTP Pro and Pro Lite, Virtual Terminal and eCommerce Payment Gateway enables businesses to process the full range of Mastercard and Visa credit and debit card types.

We also offer Faster Processing, which is a free service that is able to fund businesses within the hour, rather than waiting up to four working days like other merchant services. We offer this in three different options, enabling business owners to decide on what payment method best suits the needs of the business.

Our Range Of Card Machines For Small Businesses

We understand that different businesses have different needs when it comes to accepting payments in London. That’s why we provide a wide range of card machines that not only provide a solution but also improve the experience for both the customer and the business. We offer countertop, portable and mobile card machines, as well as solutions that enable your business to take online transactions.

We offer a unique portfolio of multiple wireless connectivity options to ensure your devices are always online and ready to accept payments. Small businesses in London often require multiple payment methods, for taking payments both in store, over the phone, and online.

At UTP our dedicated customer service team are trained to both understand what solution best suits your business and tailor packages to ensure your business has all the equipment needed to succeed.

Why choose UTP card machines?

At UTP we take pride in the variety of card machines we can provide to small businesses in London. The card machines we offer are secure and extremely efficient at processing transactions in a timely manner, whilst also being priced at some of the lowest and most competitive prices in the industry.

Which Card Machine Is Right For Your Business In London?

The best card machine for your small business in London will depend on the nature of your business; the size, industry and typical payment methods will contribute to what our customer service team will recommend.

For businesses in the food and beverage industry, mobile card machines are predominantly used as they have the ability to take payments in and around the establishment. However, some businesses only take payments at the counter, in which case countertop terminals are all that’s required.

Contactless terminals would be the best card machine for businesses in London, due to the speed, convenience, and cleanliness that they are able to provide to businesses and customers. All our card terminals are contactless readily, with the ability for customers to use Chip and Pin if they exceed the contactless card limit or prefer this method.

Our UTP Pro and Pro Lite card machines are increasingly popular, featuring a sleek contemporary design and a host of clever features, including a HD capacitive touch screen, a super long-life battery, and a wide range of connectivity options, automatically switching to the strongest connection. Both card machines enable quick transactions to be taken, either at the counter or in and around the business, with paper jams being a thing of the past due to our drop-in paper technology.