Card machines for small
businesses in Reading

UTP offers business owners in Reading an 
advanced way to accept card payments

90% of businesses in Reading have 0-9 employees. At UTP, we specialise in providing small and medium businesses with payment solutions. Our payment solutions consist of card machines, eCommerce solutions and Virtual Terminals. This way, we can cater to the needs of any small or medium business in Reading.

If your business has one sales till, our countertop card machines are perfect. These card machines are fast, reliable, and easy to use. In the UK, 93% of all payments are made with a contactless card. All our card machines accept contactless payments, from any Visa, Mastercard or American Express card.


Utp Group Portable Card Machine Circle

Portable Card Machines

Our portable card machines enable you to take payments in and around your business. These card machines are often used by businesses who take payment to the customer, like a restaurant. This machine is pocket-sized and light, making it easy to carry around your business.

Utp Group Mobile Card Terminal Front Circle

Mobile Card Machines

You can accept card payments on the go with our mobile card machines. These card machines come with a roaming SIM card, which automatically connects to the strongest signal. Businesses that often use our mobile card machines are food trucks and other hospitality businesses.

Utp Group Payment Solutions Ecom

eCommerce payment Gateway

Over 90% of the UK are online shoppers. If your business doesn't already sell goods or services online, this is a great way to make some extra income. Our eCommerce Payment Gateway enables your customers to shop your suite 24/7/365 from most countries around the world.

Utp Group Payment Solutions VT

Virtual Terminal

A Virtual Terminal works like an online card machine. Our Virtual Terminals are mainly used for card-not-present orders. This could be a customer calling up to make a fast food order or making a table reservation with a deposit. 

Additional Services We Offer

At UTP, we take pride in the large number of small and medium businesses we have helped succeed. We know that sometimes there's more to this than the latest card machines. Therefore, we offer other services to help your business run smoothly.