Card machines for businesses
in Newcastle 

UTP supports your business in Newcastle to
provide secure, contactless card payments

Newcastle is home to over 300,000 people and is the youngest city in the North East, with an average age of 34. This age group commonly leave their wallets at home and opt to pay by card or digital wallet. If you are one of the 7000 small and medium businesses in Newcastle, here's how UTP can help you succeed. 

At UTP, we provide our customers with a range of card machines, free benefits, and cheap rates. On average, we save our customers 30% on their card machine transaction rates. 

Contactless card machines

Debit card payments are now the most common way to pay in the UK, being used in 57% of transactions. Out of the debit card transactions under £100, 93% were made using a contactless card. It isn't only the younger generations who are accustomed to paying by contactless. For the third year running over 65s have been the fastest growing segment for contactless usage. 

Utp Group Cardmachines Banner Move3500 GPRS V4

Less and less people carry cash around daily. Instead, we opt for fast and convenient payment methods.

At UTP, our card machines can accept contactless payments in just four seconds. 

For businesses, this enables you to serve more customers and keep queue times to a minimum. For your customers, this keeps satisfaction high and can even increase customer loyalty. We stock a wide range of card machines to suit any business needs. This includes countertop, mobile and portable card machines, which all accept contactless payments.