Affiliate FAQ: Partner with UTP

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UTP Affiliate FAQ

For companies looking to add merchant services to their existing sales portfolio, UTP has proven time and time again that partnering with us is a fantastic asset. We combine industry leading rates and impeccable support. It is natural that companies considering partnering with us will have many questions about our partnership model. We at UTP value transparency and honesty, so we have created this handy guide of the most frequently asked questions from those interesting in partnering with us. Take a look over the list, and see if UTP is the right fit for your business!

What is an affiliate?

Becoming an affiliate means that you can promote a product or service and earn a commission whenever a sale is made.

What are Merchant Services?

Merchant services are a specific type of financial service that focuses on providing all the infrastructure businesses need to accept payments from their customers. This includes a range of physical and digital solutions such as card terminals, point of sale (POS) systems, payment gateways and merchant accounts allowing payments to be made in store, online or over the phone.

What type of business do I need to have to be an affiliate?

There is no restriction on the type of business you can be. For example, if your company is currently selling utilities to your existing clients then merchant services could be added as an additional service you can provide.

Does UTP require my company to have a certain number of employees?

There is no limit to the number of employees within your company and as you expand UTP will work with you to offer training on our products.

How is training completed with large teams?

All our training is completed via Skype, but we do offer larger groups F2F training with our Inhouse Training Manager. This all depends on what works best for your company and team, our training takes around 3 hours to complete with additional support available if required. We will always endeavour to work around the needs of your business.

What documentation is required to join as an affiliate?

When joining UTP we require the following:

  • Company name
  • Company number
  • Registered Address
  • Director Name, Email address, Contact Number

Once this has be approved by our HR department, we will proceed to setting up the agreement.

Is there a start up cost for becoming an affiliate with UTP?

There is no start up fees for partnering with UTP.

Which card terminals do you use? What type of card payments can be accepted?

UTP use trusted marketing leading Ingenico brand card terminals. Our card processing merchant accounts will enable you to process the full range of MasterCard and Visa credit and debit card types. The ability to process American Express cards is also option.

From our range of fixed, portable, mobile and online based credit card machines you can find the best machine to suit your merchant’s business needs.

Which Acquirer/Bank do you use?

UTP work in partnership with one of the UK’s largest financial institutions Barclaycard, we are officially licensed by MasterCard and Visa.

How is UTP’s pricing structured?

UTP endeavours to have the most competitive rates in the industry. Our rates and fees are tailored to the type and volume of business you are dealing with.

Can UTP offer customers the ability to take online and over the phone payments?

UTP offers e-Commerce and Virtual Terminal Solutions that are designed for businesses who have the following requirements:

  • A card payment facility for an existing e-commerce website
  • Mail Order / Telephone Order Businesses who need to take card payments but do not want a physical terminal

How is the residual worked out?

You will be paid based on the turnover which is always a month in arrears. There is no set amount each month as this is dependent on turnover and card user profile, etc. But the percentage you receive is paid on the gross profit made by UTP, we do not levy a service charge or impose additional fees.

How long does it take to process a deal?

Our typical turnaround time is 7-10 days.

What is your association with Barclaycard?

Barclaycard are our merchant bank. Each provider needs to have a merchant bank to allow them to settle funds taken via card and Barclaycard are ours. We are one of the select providers they work with and they administer all transfers of funds.

Does my customer remain mine once sold, and can I complete their renewal?

Yes, we set you up with your own account on our CRM and you can renew your customer within 6 months of the contract end date.

Is there a limit on sales?

No, you can put in as many as possible, if you have a large deal, or one that require support from our team we are here to help.

What happens if I am not making any sales?

You will have an affiliate manager who will be able to help guide you and advise you on next steps to help bring in sales. There are a few different options we can look at to keep you active.

Do I administer the paperwork?

UTP can provide training on the one-page application form to fill in or we have a support team that can load the application for you at a reduced commission and you just need to fill in a pre-application form.

How difficult is the paperwork?

The application process has come a long way over the years and now we now have a streamlined one-page form to fill in. You will receive training on this, and we have a support team to hand to help you through the applications process. If required, we can always provide refresher training.

Can I just refer?

We have a referral process too, if you would like UTP to contact the lead provided of any clients you have that are interested in looking at their Merchant Services, this is with a referral fee rather than commissions so speak with your affiliate manager if this is the correct process for you.

I have a client asking about merchant services now, can I sign them up while in training?

Absolutely, our support team can load on the deal and once you are all set up and trained, we can move it over to your portfolio. You will then receive the commissions when they go live.