tapeeno: A Benefit to Every Business

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When we see technology being released we may wonder how said technology would benefit us. tapeeno is an app that was created to benefit businesses, but you might be wondering how it can benefit your specific business. That’s why we’ve selected just a few of the businesses and have outlined the ways in which tapeeno and its functions will be an asset. If you see your own business model, or one that’s comparable, in this list then download tapeeno today. See for yourself how beneficial this app you can tap is!


Festival Caterers

For catering businesses that are predominately based in a fixed location such as a café or restaurant but occasionally take their business on the road, tapeeno is perfect for you! Whether you take your business to festivals, weddings, or boot sales, you need a way of taking payments. If your business already pays for card terminals instore, you won’t want the cost of hiring another for short bursts of time when taking your business on the go. tapeeno has no terminal fees, you’re utilising technology you’re already paying for, your smartphone. tapeeno benefits your business by removing an additional monthly cost when it isn’t necessary.


Dog walking

Being a dog walker means your business is the definition of mobile. You need to take a payment method with you when you pick up your 4 legged customers. If you’re picking up a Labrador from one road and a Sausage Dog from another, you need to be able to take payments in a variety of locations. tapeeno allows you to take payments wherever you are as long as you’re connected to internet. This can be either Wi-Fi or 4G. tapeeno benefits businesses where the environment is everchanging. Make your money mobile and download tapeeno.


Window cleaning

Businesses that requires scheduling a set appointment time for a service may run into the issue of the customer forgetting to take cash out to pay for the service. Cash payments have become less and less convenient. We are becoming a society that rarely has cash on us. Paying with our cards is just too easy! tapeeno means you never have to turn down a payment. You are able to take card payments quickly and with ease. No more quick dashes to a cash point. No more standing round double and triple checking account numbers for bank transfer. tapeeno means immediate payment for your service. Get your money transferred into your account within the hour! Meaning the money is in your account by the time you’ve stepped down from your ladder.


Starting businesses

If you’re at the beginnings of your business, or you’re testing out the viability of your idea before you take the plunge. tapeeno is the perfect app to guide you through the getting your business established and the ball rolling. If you’re starting to sell prints, stickers, or t-shirts tapeeno is an easy way to take payments. It is an app that doesn’t have a minimum throughput, meaning you pay as you use.


Seasonal businesses

tapeeno doesn’t believe in trapping customers in a long contract. That’s why it was designed with customers in mind, there are no binding contracts. If you are a seasonal company, for example a business that sells Christmas products, you don’t need to be trading 12 months of the year to use tapeeno. If your business is part-time and only open for 3 months of the year, tapeeno is exactly what you need. Instead of paying for a card terminal for 12 months when you only trade for 3 months of the year. Allocate the money you save by using tapeeno and eliminating this cost of a terminal and invest it back into your business in whatever way suits you! Pay as you use with tapeeno.


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